Marie-Claire Pinardel


Here, I initiate the gaze in the mode of excess, with an abundance of saturated colors, touches, signs sedimented in the pictorial material (oil) as an offering to our sensitive capacities , a feast for the eye. There, in this whirl, I lose my footing to invent what enchants me. The buried illuminations rise to the surface of the visible, take shape and reveal what has meaning. With painting, I experience commitment, in complete freedom, in silence. In contact with the paint, the present thickens with light. Suspend the balance in the bursting moment, intensely!

The pictorial development can be built directly on the support or go through the stage of “small papers”. These can be autonomous or form part of this background that I call “canvas promises”, and the promises are not always kept even if the intention is strong. I do not work “on the pattern” because for me these are all the impregnation strategies that I prefer. Also write very often, in close connection with my practice, in a “discharge” writing, without formal work and without repentance.

It is a face to face encounter that frees itself from the impact of the immediate gaze to then tap into the memory of the singular shock that inhabits me. Actualization in painting is deferred and time becomes a field of experience, a tool. It is a space of freedom, an absolute engagement in the haunting wake of mystery, the marvelous dazzling of light, the dance of colors and the familiar strangeness of dreams. Painting is for me at the heart of meaning. It is of fundamental lightness, of primordial and essential futility; the den where I nourish excess, the place of the link with life. The immense solitude of its factory makes it an incredible proposition for otherness.

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